Shanghai dragon industry development speed is amazing, said Shanghai dragon industry development speed such as plumes are not unfounded, following the most representative argument argument on this point:

site on the Shanghai dragon article submission increasingly stringent audit, mainly because Shanghai is already out of the dragon.

encyclopedia chain has become more and more difficult, as long as the creation of a complex version, plus a link that is easy to pass, now create a complex version would be some genius plus links, or it won’t be easy.

value chain blog platform link control, many blog platform in order to avoid their own site.

Shanghai dragon related forums online number is astonishing (especially Shanghai dragon why).

Shanghai Longfeng index before hundreds of years to now where Shanghai dragon has reached hundreds or even thousands of index.


as above stated, Shanghai dragon industry is developing rapidly, resulting in many owners are set foot in the industry, and now the chain is the main factors of the website rankings, but the value chain of the platform is limited, but also in the export link control, because in addition chain resource crunch following is a representative be not at all surprising. Demonstration of the chain resources crunch phenomenon argument.

Taobao Shanghai dragon tutorial overwhelming, cheap a confused.

said Shanghai Longfeng network marketing industry is emerging industry is too far fetched, because in the domestic development of the industry from 04 years later will very rapidly, especially now is simply on the sky, the nature of the main and Shanghai dragon industry, the most important point is that it is very suitable for grass-roots entrepreneurship, it is this pace of development resulting in more than seventy percent of the webmaster understand Shanghai Dragon: all know that the chain is an important factor in the present of any website optimization ranking (resulting in many platforms become link farms); know to reduce export link weight in the station (leading to accumulation of outbound links many chain platform has been strictly controlled), eventually leading to the site the chain resource crunch.

know the chain of love, Shanghai know before the chain as long as it is rich in content through the basic question, became rich in Q & a plus links with Shanghai love products such as hi.baidu贵族宝贝/ head, the form of the domain name to show through, until today want to know on the left link can be said to slim, as long as the link appears in the Q & A requirements review.

Shanghai dragon training institutions continue to emerge.

in addition to the grassroots webmaster, enterprises have also joined the ranks of Shanghai dragon.


said the Shanghai dragon industry development such as the date up to


said the chain resource crunch phenomenon

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