this sign, the site in the optimization process, may lead to a failure because of the problems, such as the original normal construction of the chain, suddenly have become law, some owners love through the software group outside the chain, it will give you save a lot of time, but the mass of the chain is very obviously wrong, in addition the original content updated quality is good, then a period of time, update, or large-scale acquisition of content, in other words, this behavior is the site optimization not many, but only because of you! In the optimization, a love that. Shanghai can not spare, will naturally give up included on your website

webmasters may have such a depressed, that is in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide said on the text, to enhance the user experience, improve website content and so on, but also encounter love Shanghai K station, many people may find themselves in the website by K, then come back to check one by one. Still no idea, because it is in strict accordance with the theory of how to do, it will be K? Estimates that many webmaster hand complain love Shanghai does not have the rule, on the other hand, let oneself become dejected and despondent, sink the

but for the old station, if there is love Shanghai snapshot then must be vigilant, if the site outside the chain and the content of your site is no problem, it should start from other aspects of analysis, such as your site chain if there is a problem, if you are a chain of the site was K, that is

! !

maybe many readers think the above description is not possible, indeed, if really honest in love Shanghai search engine optimization guide to do, there is no K problem, but the key to many webmaster do so at the same time, a careless mistakes, even thought this misunderstanding is in strict accordance with love Shanghai optimization guide instructions to do so, one wrong, even if it is not easy to come back to check, found easily, so the webmaster in optimize their website, we should grasp the website by signs of K before, so he promptly reversed the direction of optimization, so as not to make their sites continue to sink below the author! To share the website by several signs before K

three: Web site keywords ranking completely disappeared, or sharply

this is a very clear signal, and many sites in the carefully done site outside the chain construction and content construction, still will appear this kind of symptom, of course, this sign will not sure your site has been K, it may be because the station was included in the Shanghai love fall in love with the sand box, if the quality and quality you are still able to enhance the chain website content of well, believe will be released, then love Shanghai snapshot date will return to normal

this is the case for the new.

website! will get in!

: a snapshot date correction

two: the web site included the dwindling number of


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