, a friend threw me a question on the big bow:

on an entry, you know.

then I gradually found that the Internet industry is not only extremely preference uncertainty, and even can be said to be born to a degree of uncertainty, like most of the gaming industry, or like the words very Ma Yun personally selected for the Alibaba listed: "still have a dream, if achieved it?" I don’t know. How many gamblers while talking about this sentence, he lost all his savings, but I do know that many young people were only for 1/10000 successful, go on the road of entrepreneurship. They’re betting on a clear uncertainty about the certainty of fate, what if,

  our snacks system is established when the company management more difficult, if not mistaken should be around June 2012, when many have not received a single tail, a lot of new customers signed a contract without payment, the number of new single has less and less, and the company was in transition to the regular, so money is very tight. Of course, we start the system for snacks is not much, when the company did not give specific figures, said financial plan is a monthly 100 yuan, although poor, but this is a good start, I remember when the company is about 5-6 people.

I admire the friend’s courage, give up a steady, sure future, and embrace an uncertain and uncertain future. For many people, it’s not an easy choice. Whether the choice is right or wrong, good or bad, the friend’s choice made me think of myself.

later the boss hopes the colleagues of the company can pay attention to cleaning company environment, so we hope to take turns to engage in health, when they know not to engage in health, usually it will do the cleaning work, so health was not so hard, the environment will be greatly improved. But how to perform? We are college students, but also engage in health or their job, they also have the right to SAY NO, after all, small companies have few talents capital, they also engage in health, it is equivalent to them to join rebels.

Abstract: the Internet is preference uncertainty, it resembles the gaming industry, as Ma Yun’s words: "still have a dream, if achieved it?" many young people, only 1/10000 may go on the road of entrepreneurship. They used obvious uncertainty to bet on a certainty of change, in case

coin is the Internet I just discovered. It’s immature, rough, slow, and very poor in chinese. No one knows how the Internet will change China, and even no one knows whether this undefended information highway will survive in this country and whether it will be able to support itself in business. Its uncertainty, its vast potential beneath its surface, has an inexplicable allure for me, a fascination and a rush to explore.

, 27, is currently in the central enterprises to work, stable work, so that people see themselves 20 years later. Ready to take the Northern Science and engineering computer graduate, after graduation, nearly 30 years old at this age can still engage in the IT industry? What do you suggest?

there are some well-known Internet Co will have snack counters, such as shlf1314, Facebook, pea pods and so on. Set up snack counter is the company hopes to give the staff to create a family work experience, enhance staff’s sense of belonging to the company. Perhaps most companies think of snacks is just a waste of money, to enhance the efficiency of no help, if you dare to put forward with your current employer, suggested that the company engage in free snack counter, even your colleagues will oppose you back to sentence you think too much, it is more don’t tell the boss.

so I never thought I’d faced a big life decision, but my parents weren’t as relaxed as I was. In their opinion, I use a mud bowl, replaced by a secure job, for the future, to replace the bright future, I choose to bring their deep concern and fear of the unknown.

Liu Zijun finally to the boss suggested, may be linked with snacks costs, we put the whole snacks costs of up to 300 yuan / month, two days each week to engage in health, early Tuesday and Friday, according to our current staff to count, basically each month only need to engage in a health can be, but the workload not just wiped the table, vacuum, garbage, 10 minutes can be completed. Equivalent to a monthly 10 minutes rest can enjoy the company of snacks, can not engage in health, there is no snacks! This company is not forced to let everyone free to choose a better policy than directly under a lot of. In order to monitor the effect, we have also set up a supervisor, responsible for monitoring and reminding the month to engage in health colleagues. Supervisors are welfare, and if the month of supervision and office cleaning done well, there will be a monthly bonus of 100 yuan. But the supervisor is not fixed, we are a monthly change, and did, so everyone in the supervision will also give each other a posterior, although there may be some impact cleaning effect, but also make people more united, in general for the company.

more than 20 years ago, I decided to leave the film and television industry, into the IT industry, but also with the idea of this friend and similar. The copper side, I know a lot of people in the industry that I look forward to, a lot of people in the coveted the position I occupy, but my older colleagues from the body, clearly see their future looks like that, I’m not love, even a little feel tired of.

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