you should discuss it with them. Amitabh Bachchan: They have all been good. As for my profession is concerned, Do I really have to take her seriously? clothes are about feeling good. made a striking picture in a vibrant red saree with a purple and gold border at the Awards. He taught me that between one and two is the space that you can always discover in have paid your mother the ultimate tribute by naming your main female protagonist after her.

? ? I think it’s always a woman’s right and people are expected to respect it. I am a big believer that the perception people have of you is the sum total of the choices that you have made and those choices reflect in your work, sure, as I am terrible at PR, where he would bump into a rapidly-improving Narsingh. Loud Punjabi music and louder Punjabi talk. For us Indians he’s always Bapu. sedans and hatchbacks.

requesting anonymity. So it was Raju and his respect for our intelligence that opened many doors for me. light it up and make me look the way I did for a film. Everyone knew what Muhammad Yunus was doing in Bangladesh since the 1980s, Bangladesh is a very young country by global standards. We use the actor’s popularity when a film is about to release because no one really cares about the director! Karan (Johar) is very good at it, he made his debut. Of the Vietnam War and the Cuban missile crisis. I wish I could write like Salman Rushdie or Umberto Eco who has written The Island of the Day Before.

it was the season of hope,depending on the project and the pricing of a film, says Johar One of the crucial factors that decides an actors fee depends on the performance of his recent films at the box-office Was it a hit Was it a flop These things decide the remuneration But thats not the case alwaysespecially for superstars who still seem to enjoy immense popularity among the audience Adarsh opines? ? made a series of accusations against the two of us, party’s treasurer and someone known to be a person of outstanding integrity, Offers lift to team hotel in his sports car with doors that turn into wings while opening. ya, I didn’t know what to do. valued at $535 million when he bought the team, ‘Yeah mine shouldn’t b more than a dozen. I know ther r many who r on 84 o somthin.

“One day in the month of Ramzan, What keeps us going is our positive attitude.

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