In August 7th, the reporter learned from the provincial procuratorate held a news conference, the full implementation of a strong guarantee for the new "three rural" and Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures, the province’s procuratorial organs will be from the beginning of this month, carried out for a period of two years of punishing and preventing agricultural poverty alleviation benefits husbandry field crimes special work.

special work, will be resolutely investigating crimes committed and involved in animal husbandry and agriculture related departments, township government poverty alleviation staff and village cadres, village "two committees" leader, President, accounting personnel of the grass-roots organizations in rural and pastoral areas. Resolutely investigating crimes cases occurred in agriculture and animal husbandry development, agriculture and animal husbandry and benefits of poverty alleviation funds, special subsidies for project reporting, audit approval, payment management, project implementation, inspection and acceptance etc.. Resolutely investigating crimes committed by agriculture benefits husbandry financial subsidies, crimes committed in the infrastructure construction in rural and pastoral areas, the duty crime cases in the field of social undertakings in rural and pastoral areas, combined with the province to carry out special inspection activities according to law against the destruction of the ecological environment resources and serious crime, comprehensive environmental governance, returning farmland to forest and pastures grass, sand, mine management recovery, Sanjiang source of ecological protection of state subsidies of the duty crime case, rural and pastoral areas of "two committees" and grassroots deputies in the elections, bribery and other crimes undermine the election. In addition, the crimes of crime, a huge amount of serious losses, the amount of crime is not large, but the plot is bad, involving a wide range of interests, is likely to affect many hazards in mass incidents in rural and pastoral areas in harmony and stability of the duty crime cases occurred, agricultural benefits husbandry poverty alleviation funds audit management issued or in the process of project approval, breach of privilege gifted affectionate friends or serious omission, favoritism, dereliction of duty, resulting in funds misappropriated, defrauding, taking, squandered such cases of dereliction of duty, the procuratorates at all levels in the case will give priority to the investigation and handling.

it is reported that as far as I am concerned, crimes involved in animal husbandry and agriculture related fields for many consecutive years showed a rising trend, 2014 provincial rural grassroots units check staff crimes 34 65 people, an increase in the number of 27.5%. More than 50 thousand yuan of major cases of 12 people, accounting for about 43.1% of the crime of this type of personnel.

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