reporter from the province’s employment (migrant workers) work leading group was informed that, in 2015, in close collaboration with the Department of employment and education departments, I realized the initial employment rate of college graduates in the trend growth, effectively promote the province’s employment work. This year, the employment situation of college graduates in our province is still grim. As of June 20th, the province’s college graduates have signed the employment of 11486 people, the signing rate of 74.62%, higher than last year, an increase of 7.6%.

reporter learned that this year the number of college graduates in our province was 15392, an increase of more than 482 people in 2015. From the current employment rate, the employment of college graduates in the province over the same period last year breakthrough, but with the economic slowdown, especially college graduates Huiqing employment of college graduates has increased year by year, the employment needs of large enterprises and institutions recruiting plan to reduce the serious situation, this year the employment situation of college graduates is not optimistic. As of now, the province has not yet signed up for college graduates 3906 people, in the premise of further understanding for the signing and the employment intention of graduates, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission and other departments will strengthen the multi-party cooperation, held special recruitment, organization of graduates to participate in the relevant state ministries held online recruitment activities, create more employment for the graduates. At the same time organizations do not participate in the employment of graduates active Grassroots Employment projects. This year, the province’s "three help" plan 760 people, 360 more than in 2015, the "plan" 300, "southern" 400 people, "special post plan" 300 people in our province, the Department of employment and the Department of education will be targeted, face to guide the graduates employment through the national and our province grassroots project.

as of now, provincial college undergraduates and graduates enlisted enrollment has reached 1771 people, the provincial education department will actively supervise the students to sign up "one to one" propaganda and mobilization and tracking service, the students enthusiasm into practical action, dedicated to the defense effect of the motherland, the successful completion of this year’s college students recruitment service. This year the province’s colleges and universities there are family economic difficulties, employment difficulties of graduates 5651, the employment rate reached 74.96%, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security will actively carry out job subsidies paid 1000 yuan per person, the support of difficult employment for college students job seeking channels.


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