Spring Festival is approaching, Huangzhong County Haizi black township village Party branch secretary Xue Jun was busy with the relocation of the village. Only tens of thousands of people in the village of black ditch hill deep ditch, harsh natural conditions, traffic inconvenience, every family to eat subsistence allowances. However, this year, the village will move out of the mountains, live in a new house. This year, Huangzhong will invest 9 million 40 thousand yuan to implement 7 villages to resettle the project, and the implementation of the whole village project in 30 poor villages, plans to support poor households more than 5000 households of 21500 people, this is the year of Huangzhong County for a run of 50 things.
to build vegetable County, Huangzhong county will invest 29 million 600 thousand yuan of new high standard of winter greenhouse 800, 6 million yuan investment in the scale of planting 30 thousand acres of vegetables, and fresh vegetables in rouchard town construction in library. At the same time, in order to increase the income of farmers, investment 12 million yuan in the Li Shan, Hang Lung mouth, Haizi ditch and other towns and villages to promote the cultivation of the whole film double ridge cultivation technology, investment of $1 million 300 thousand to train 2000 new professional farmers. And plans to invest 23 million 640 thousand yuan to implement the Tumen, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen pipe irrigation engineering. The implementation of the town has been the source of water emergency water supply project, invested 19 million 40 thousand yuan, the construction of a new cubic cubic meters of water tanks and 10.9 km.


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