"animal husbandry and aquaculture as a matter of social stability and beneficial to the people’s livelihood of basic industries, the state and the province, the city has been increasing policy tilt and support, it can be said that the development of Xining modern agriculture have a brilliant future, a bright future." July 28th, the 2013 Xining urban development investment fair to enter the third day, the afternoon, the introduction of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and water investment projects will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. Relevant units in charge of the city, the county government and relevant departments in charge, as well as domestic and foreign merchants and leading enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 180 people attended the fair.

the promotion, the local agricultural and animal husbandry, ecological forest water, win-win cooperation "as the theme, through building the platform of capital attraction, showcasing the development of animal husbandry and forestry water industry in our city, animal husbandry and water show the good development of investment opportunities in our city, expand the space for development of enterprises and enhance cooperation in the field. The city of modern ecological animal husbandry and water industry exchanges and cooperation level. Promote the meeting, the relevant departments of the staff of a comprehensive introduction to the four district three county agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and water conservancy construction development, investment environment, key projects, key recommendation: Xining city agricultural facilities (vegetable industry) development project, Xining city sightseeing agriculture development project, the Qinghai day industry organic yak milk production line construction project, Xining city green mushroom industrialization demonstration base construction projects such as the 36 characteristics of the animal husbandry and water industry projects, investment demand amount of about 3 billion 560 million yuan, caused the major enterprises of great interest, the intention of signing 10 projects, the agreement funds 364 million yuan, the site focused on signing the landing project 4, contract funds 100 million yuan. (intern reporter wind Yin)


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