many people love pets, even a pet as a child, will give their pets such as regular maintenance, pet shop business is better, then open a pet shop cost how much? Now the pet family more and more, for pet investment is also growing, therefore, to open a pet shop but have great market, it will try to understand to open a pet shop cost


open a pet shop cost not only needs to prepare 10 to 20 square meters of pavement, with brush, comb, scissors, hair clippers, electric scissors, hair dryer and other pet beauty equipment, prepare some medical equipment, medicines and daily necessities, etc. (of course there are conditions equipped with a constant temperature room very good). Total investment of 3 to 40 thousand yuan, you can take the love on the road. Of course, if there is a high-end professional beautician national certification examination Quanlei beautician Association proved more ideal.

pet hospital doctor Lee told reporters, with the brush, clothes, hair dryer and a full set of pet beauty equipment, needs about 10 thousand yuan, and hired a professional pet division each month about 2000 of the demand.

in addition to several points mentioned above, there are many places that need attention, Xiao Bian can’t answer it for everyone, I hope you don’t mind, pet beauty has been developed to include multiple levels of pruning, knot ear, eye wash, rinse teeth, put hair knot, washed into pruning, beauty suits, types of canine cosmetic appearance and cosmetic appearance of dog contest. A general Pet Beauty time consuming is about 2 to 3 hours, a charge of $50 to $200.

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