in the early morning of June 11th, a trip with 800 middle-aged tourists, originating from Zhejiang, via Gansu province tourist train arrived in Xining. This is the largest number of tourists in recent years, the province’s largest tourist train, for the arrival of this year’s tourist season to win a good start.

tourists out of the train station, you feel the cool weather in Xining, "good fresh air, too comfortable". Team leader Zhang Zhiheng told reporters that the members of the tour group are about sixty years old, is worthy of the name of the sunset tour". These old people have long been yearning for the United States and Qinghai, the next, they will go to Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery and other attractions, feel the summer plateau.

is responsible for train travel ground work star international travel agency responsible person, Xining Spring City Tourism Bureau to promote the country, played a very good effect, the Tibetan tourism line as the gold line travel, received the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This trip into a special train in Xining, not only to close the distance between Qinghai and Zhejiang, but also greatly broaden the tourist market of the province’s tourism, this year there will be seven or eight trips into Xining train travel. (author: Yang Jian)


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