reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, last year, Xining city to promote the urban employment of disadvantaged groups as the focus, through flexible employment subsidies, to encourage enterprises to absorb the employment of disabled persons and other measures, so that tens of thousands of employment of disadvantaged groups to achieve employment.

it is understood that last year, the city vigorously encourage employment difficulties, self employment, self occupation, difficult personnel of flexible employment pension, medical and unemployment to three insurance subsidies, a total of 8962 flexible employment difficult personnel enjoy subsidies of 36 million 120 thousand yuan; to encourage enterprises to absorb the employment of persons with disabilities, to absorb the employment of the disabled enterprises signed a years of labor contract and pay social insurance premiums for social security subsidies, job subsidies and one-time award, during the year, the city’s enterprises to absorb a total of 1225 people with disabilities in employment, sharing subsidies of 9 million 660 thousand yuan; the whole year placed 491 employment difficulties personnel engaged in public service posts, the total number of public positions reached 4324, job subsidies, payment the social security subsidies of 92 million 380 thousand yuan; in order to solve the practical difficulties of employment difficulties, unable to pay social insurance fees, set up a new policy. To enjoy social security subsidies, the expiration of the statutory employment difficult personnel under the age of 5 years, which enjoy social security subsidies extended to retirement, at present, the city has more than 1500 employment difficulties continue to enjoy social security subsidies. (author: Rong Lijun)

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