Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year. As we all know, during the Spring Festival is the most people have the desire to spend and spending power. Held during the Spring Festival of 2014 Summer Xining temple, will become the city people during the Spring Festival people joy stage. From at the beginning of the month to month fifteen, across three major festivals, there will be millions of traffic and many types of booth booth, xiadou Xining temple will be filled with unlimited business opportunities, some companies and brands for the temple and then became popular.

traditional temple fair is undoubtedly the cradle of folk culture and stage, and the two things really full of goods, one day to be able to eliminate millions of money, the poem reflects the economic value of the temple on the other hand. Some experts pointed out that the temple has long been not just a cultural symbol, it is a feast of cultural consumption, is full of business opportunities. The Chinese traditional culture, which is a traditional form of gathering, and has the characteristics of the Spring Festival, is being welcomed by more and more people with its powerful influence.

2014 Summer Xining Spring Festival Temple Fair special snack, fusion of theatrical performances, recreational facilities, local folk performing arts, arts and crafts exhibition, new year special purchases for the Spring Festival lantern riddles, lanterns and other forms of exhibition. The period will set up more than 400 folk arts and crafts, special food snacks, spring department store and other booths, especially the spring exhibition special purchases for the Spring Festival variety, including during the Chinese new year people Zouqinfangyou gifts, gift boxes and all kinds of New Year gifts and bamboo, porcelain and other special purchases for the Spring Festival commodity. Displays of flower decoration, such as calligraphy and painting, playing New Year paintings, what is more, children and adults stuff, far apart from each other together, will greatly enrich the people during the New Year gifts and buy their own demand, stimulating new year market economy fair. By then, the temple of the large flow of people, the majority of small commodities, clothing, daily necessities, food and service industry is a very good spot trading opportunities, both inside and outside the province of enterprises and brands will be able to use folk activities of the stage, take the "folk stage, economic singing" approach, playing the advertising war, the maximum amount of profit at the same time, they want to get the brand effect.


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