to give full play to the role of trade union organizations women’s organizations, to provide better health services to workers, female workers to enhance women’s reproductive health knowledge understanding, improve the ability of self protection and health care of female employees, female staff union in Xining City Bureau of Transportation Commission in August 11, 2011 invited Professor Li Qiuhua of Beijing, the prevention of female workers gynecological disease and health knowledge for the global system of more than 120 female workers.

professor Li Qiuhua in the lecture, with many years of clinical experience in gynecology and obstetrics and the majority of women’s health care, with vivid examples, combined with clinical practice, mainly from the women’s "four period", gynecological common disease prevention and health care of Department of gynaecology three has done a wonderful lecture. Lectures illustrated, easy to understand, vivid and interesting, financial knowledge, fun as a whole, deeply attracted the presence of female workers, they listen carefully, carefully take notes, and ask questions. This activity has been warmly welcomed by the female workers and praise, they have said that the hospital experts into the organs of enterprises to carry out health lecture, let them learn more knowledge about women’s health, prevention of gynecological disease in their daily work and life, improve the self health care consciousness, benefit from disease.



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