Korean Trend of culture in China is increasingly popular, whether it is the film and television, catering, clothing, etc. are affecting the consumption habits of Chinese people. Korean food in China has a high popularity. Delicate, delicious Korean cuisine into the Chinese food market after a distinctive feature to capture a large number of fans, honey and chicken fried chicken is a very popular Korean food brand. Features fried chicken to join, honey chicken to sweep the food treasure.

honey chicken to join   delicious temptation hard to resist

1. Korean origin, a fried chicken in the "Queen" Honey Peru chicken fried chicken snacks all Korean chicken, chicken fried chicken with honey and Peru snacks large rolling machine vacuum roll kneading, rapid freezing and other special technology, a unique moment of preservation fresh chicken. In the morning the chicken has sent to the store after 24 hours of ripening, the frying process is more convenient and to ensure the good taste.

Enjoy double

2. visual and taste, a secret honey chicken feast, are you ready? Honey Peru chicken fried chicken fried snacks, fluffy skin crisp, golden color, rosin is delicious, crisp and tender, juicy and fragrant. Bite, oil filling up and gravy, Cecil visible chicken in the mouth chewing aftertaste, fragrance echoed in the lips, memorable people a long time.

3. a variety of authentic Korean food collocation, like get on a plane to go to South Korea outside Giori tender honey Peru chicken fried chicken snacks provide South Korea iconic taste sweet chili sauce and spicy sweet and refreshing collocation of white radish, so fresh and accompanied. Sitting in the Chinese, you can experience the authentic Korean fried chicken and beer filling collocation, who set up shop who make


honey chicken chicken fried chicken to join the United States, seize the opportunity to sweep the wealth of honey fried chicken fried chicken secret system, the skin fluffy crisp, golden color, rosin delicious, both crisp and tender, but also sweet and juicy. Successful, no need to wait!


above is the honey Peru chicken fried chicken is the simple introduction, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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