for entrepreneurs, financing is the first step in entrepreneurship, a good financing channels to give entrepreneurs more opportunities to get rich. Currently around the implementation and innovation of SMEs financing mainly has the following 12 kinds:

1, integrated credit

2, credit guarantee loan

is currently in the country 31 provinces, city, city has more than and 100 established SME credit guarantee institutions. Most of these institutions in the form of membership management, public service, industry self-regulation, its own non-profit organizations. The source of the guarantee fund is generally composed of several parts: the local government financial allocation, the member’s voluntary payment of member funds, the funds raised by the society, and the fund of the commercial bank. When a member enterprise borrows money from a bank, it may be guaranteed by a small and medium enterprise guarantee institution. In addition, small and medium enterprises can also carry out intermediary services to the Guarantee Corporation to seek security services. When the enterprise can not provide the bank can accept the security measures, such as mortgage, pledge or third party credit guarantee, Guarantee corporation can solve these problems. Because compared with the banks, Guarantee Corporation requirements for collateral more flexible. Of course, Guarantee Corporation in order to protect their own interests, often require companies to provide counter security measures, and sometimes Guarantee Corporation will be sent to the enterprise to monitor the flow of funds.

3, buyer’s loan

4, remote joint cooperative loan

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