a lot of people have entrepreneurial dreams, female friends are no exception, in our side there are many examples of women entrepreneurs, which also gave the majority of female entrepreneurs more confidence. Let’s look at the following 90 girls start fast food shop to earn nearly a few hundred thousand dollars of entrepreneurial stories.

In order to adjust the formula

2012, who graduated from the Qingdao College of hotel management major, and thousands on thousands of just out of college students, Wei Yajing chose the professional and related industries to work, but her heart had a dream." Foreign fast food sold all over the world, there are a lot of big brands, I am learning to eat and drink, but also hope to create a big brand of Chinese fast food. Wei Yajing said that in school, she will go to a number of hotels, fast food restaurants, and after graduation, she also served as room workers, do steamed buns.

because itself is engaged in hotel management professional, Wei Yajing learned the use of classroom knowledge, combined with the practice in the work, continue to find out the operating method of the catering industry. "At the end of 2012, I opened a bun shop with my classmates. Wei Yajing said, because his cousin also operated several Baozipu, so from the aspects of feeding, formula and so on, she can get help cousin." Selling steamed stuffed bun let me earn some money, but later because the store to dismantle the transformation, so I have to give up. Wei Yajing said.

with hundreds of repeated flavouring recipes

"due to funding constraints, I chose the low starting point of fast food industry. Although the point is low, but you can do a wide range, I would like to make their own fast food restaurants into fast food carriers. Wei Yajing said with confidence, focus on doing a good meal, so that fast food can eat the taste of the monk.

Why do chicken Steamed Rice this food? Wei Yajing said she is working in the hotel when everything is hard, but when she got to pay special attention to the fact that, in many of the guests in the hotel Pingdu, very little love braised chicken in this dish, but also love to eat with Steamed Rice.


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