since the store business, for any one operator, the natural hope is that the shop business better and better, more and more customers. However, at the same time, there are a lot of shops, but the loss of customers, so that operators worry. In short, in the process of foot store operations, the loss of customers is a problem for managers a headache, many managers are aware of the problem, want to control, but do not know where is the problem, do not know where to start, today Xiaobian to sort out some of the causes of the loss of customers, in the hope that business never let your customers "disappear" rather baffling.

reflexologist argue: love for the moment as fight for a thousand years, a lot of reflexologist love to argue, bicker, the customer said no effect, she said customers do not understand, there is definitely effect; the customer said she said expensive, not expensive, is much cheaper than last time, directly cause the transaction failure. To get one thing, we will have to "victory", "Sheng" and "benefit" from, let the customer win, let us profit. Foot store is a decompression place, often because the guests feel uncomfortable, gas, want to foot store ventilation, you can not read the hearts of customers, don’t blame the customer "playboy", he to the other foot store is very normal, gradually out of the membership card, he will not come also, the loss of.

reflexologist grimaced: some reflexologist because of his personality, for customer service is always unhappy when the customer and we don’t use the language communication, one person’s facial expression plays a very important role, if you face each other, do not want to close to you, not to say push card, add bell here, Xiao Bian give reflexologist friends advice: learn to look in the mirror, the mirror to practice every day for 10 minutes, let go up, there is a saying: the others face is our face reflection! The customer money smile, customers do not give money to smile.

reflexologist Indifference: people often say "attitude is everything", but this attitude we often reflexologist do not good enough, especially the old reflexologist, old customers do not think this consumption would be a contemptuous disregard why not reflect on, is not our project did not meet the customer expectations? Is it true that we haven’t found the real needs of our customers? A glass of water, a text message, a holiday blessing and so on who will do, but can not do a good job, is the attitude of the problem.


reflexologist know: small series have seen such a story, a widowed old woman was invited to attend a dance dance lovers open up a fresh outlook, the organizer aims to enable participants to recall their young age. At the party, the woman’s two lovers came. The first lover saw the woman and said, "Oh, you are not the same as you were when you were young." The second lover said to her, "you are so beautiful. So many years have passed, you are still as beautiful as before

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