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3D" is a word that is so familiar to the public that it has been used in many areas of our lives. Speaking about 3D printing has become synonymous with high-tech in recent years, 3D printing machines of various categories: 3D printing emerge in an endless stream of bones, 3D auto parts, 3D printing house, and even print 3D aircraft.

3D printing into scientific and technological innovation on the table Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, just like what you can print.

3D Flapjack guy with the current print shop, the date of loss of 2000 yuan

met a reporter in July 4th because of superstition Flapjack 3D printing lost money.

guy Qiu is Xiamen, he said: a month ago to spend 3500 yuan in Chengdu, a technology company to buy a 3D printing pancake machine."

5 month to buy that heating plastic will melt after use, to break out of the pancake shape irregular, these high-tech product performance is very unstable, I send them back for a refund, but they did not retreat, only agreed to change new.

technology has been the trend of the catering industry pioneer experimenter, this industry was born Altman Sliced noodles machine, automatic rotary feeder automation equipment such as Hot pot fry very magic, but the reporter did not think that they are in the 3D printing industry.

reporter through this little dispute, to the mysterious company to understand, 3D printing pancake machine in the end is " what ghost "?

according to the relevant person in charge of the company:

In 10 minutes the printer

3D pancake print seven or eight large palm Griddle Cake, small yellow people, Altman, monkey etc. can choose different shapes of Griddle Cake.

In fact,

, the work principle of the 3D pancake printer is almost the same as that of the printer, but the ink is changed into egg flour, and the paper is changed into an oven.

Use the

method it is very simple, first in the computer or tablet, mobile phone with the specified software draw good food pattern and with good raw materials, and then through the SD card or U disk, WiFi pattern transmitted to the machine, the machine will follow the pattern of running track, good food.

according to Qiu introduced:

I just looked at their introduction, I feel very attractive, there should be a good market prospects to buy.

bought the machine and I was there

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