At present, China’s urban labor force is not a lack of

, but the rural areas have been no one to develop, resulting in a gradual increase in the gap between urban and rural development. The introduction of entrepreneurial policies to return home so that rural youth do not have to go outside, you can choose to return home to start business, to achieve an increase in personal income, but also contribute to the development of their hometown.

"we are the first batch of pilot village 2002 operating farm house, from the initial 7 households in the village farmhouse, now almost the entire village in the business, and even the establishment of operational management of collective professional brokerage company." Jixian County Mao Village has 13 years of operating experience of the king Heyu farmyard, is the first to return to the village of College students. Over the past decade, the hardware environment of her home yard is almost 3 years a small change, a big change in the past 5 years". From the first floor, with public toilets, and now to the two floor, between the independent bathroom, only in 2010, her family had a one-time investment of 600 thousand yuan to improve the housing; not long ago to increase the expansion of a set of quadrangles.

in the farmyard hardware, the Tourism Bureau of Jixian County government, tourism town and countryside of boutique style planning, unified renovation. For the cost of the renovation of the family farm, the Jixian County government, the tourism town government and the Jixian County women’s Federation, the Tourism Bureau, etc., have introduced the relevant preferential policies to help farmers start their own business. A good entrepreneurial environment and development trends, so that many students out of the village back to business. Now, back to the village of college students can have nearly ten people." Wang Heyu said.

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