for individual webmaster, want the website development must invest some money, the website does not have income, this funding has not yet return, which makes many owners are unwilling to invest more funds is insufficient, often see online that certain website access to venture capital and how many million, many owners also dream of the day the VCs also watch their own website, cast a few million, ha ha, for individual webmaster, this is · · · · · · or that can not, after all the opportunity, or reality, here to talk about personal webmaster how to seek financial website that have greater development.

1, if your website is really promising, rare in the industry have the potential, then you can go to some kind of investment cooperation website information, seek cooperation, there are many such sites, in order to prevent the ad I do not say this, most individuals, companies rarely, the general quality of tens of thousands also, many rich people, maybe which are not impossible, to say this website can also bring traffic, one a double.

2, if you have confidence in yourself, that put a little money into absolute return, then you can borrow money from relatives and friends, to show them as they use, analysis of your plan, generally can raise a little money.

3, can know some rich people, if you do is the portal site, some of the rich discussions can find a local, your website all have a certain reputation in the local, and that he would like to talk with him, into good profit, and play their own a little risk, so most will be happy, as long as he has a point of vision.

4, loans, bank loans, but the interest rate is high, I recommend to you a loan of Dashi=qq8513 provided specifically for personal webmaster loan services, online application second days to know the results of the audit, do not charge any fees, although not 100% success, you can loan or what VCs saw in you the website, oh.

anyway, I think the website development not to spend the money is not enough, especially now is the winter of the Internet era, large and small sites everywhere, want to highlight, no electricity funds is very difficult, but believes that as long as the stick must return, adhere to the personal website is king.

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