each site must have their own value, even the garbage station, how there is some value, believe that the webmaster have experience, a website if you want to sell a higher price, which is related to many factors with the. I stand on the line less than a month, want to purchase the number has exceeded two hundred, for a simple station, the result is very good, and I am an amateur developed, ready to enter the market to Amoy, did not expect to do their own guest website program so popular. Written before the " reproduced thousands of times; how to build soft? " this article is also very popular, but his potential was so big, ha ha, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s talk about my station, the purchase price from 20 to 5000, the price range. And this station program discussed in dark Empire be in full swing in the group, are talking about what is the development of the program, I did not think it is a manual development. Here’s how I promoted the value of the website itself. I’d like to list some ways for you to discuss it.

, a simple and easy to remember domain name, I use the domain name you can understand it, very simple, easy to remember, not much associated with the content of the website, no way, can not find the domain name for this comparison, only after all, this is very easy to remember.

two, choose fast and stable space, personal Adsense not much money, can only use some virtual space. Dozens or even hundreds of sites are shared on a single server. Before I was the same, but found an independent IP host, I immediately changed, and here does not say that the space service providers, and we go to my website to understand it.

three, the website frame structure is clear, can bring the hobby to the reader. I’m sure you all take my stand, and that’s why. Here’s his comment:

looked at the page, simple and elegant, the website structure conforms to the SEO model, related to the exchange of a chain are relatively high, the title of the site is a long tail word long, contains a number of keywords, this point is doing well. But the original article does not seem to be much, and you sell weight loss products at the same time, also sell breast enhancement, acne and some products, I think the product should be market segmentation, focus on doing a project, often better.

thanked him for his comments on my website and thanked him for better advice. Everyone can communicate so that they can grow and learn together.

four, the website is rich in content, try to be original. Because content originality, in the website is made and the website is optimized, the function that is having is more and more important. A way for users to discover the value of a website, and what you really like is content. It’s valuable content.

five, the chain. As we all know, good promotion, we should pay attention to content and the chain. Effective and stable outside the chain for the site ranking is very helpful. Through the original article, I a month when the chain number reached more than 4000, should be pretty good. < >

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