unknowingly climbed the Internet for 3 years, has done several garbage stations, traffic from tens to tens of thousands have. But K’s K, the advertising Union, is black. Money is not earned, but is a mess of their own, originally wanted to run a formal industry station, and finally did not make it.

now finally repent, by doing garbage station is never out for the head, so back to do their own design my website. I finally built my website today. Just add resources later. Before, I was a rookie webmaster, the reason why I used to be rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can not inch into. Not now. After a few days of effort. It made me learn a lot. Learn from Tencent and surpass it in imitation. I’m not making money this time. It’s about improving your ability to see if I can do it. I just want to prove one thing. Proof: only pay, can get repayment. Prove the deepest meaning of this sentence. Network business, although hard, I did not say I did not fail, because I am not afraid. I tried it myself. If you don’t try, chances are 0. To the ego, I have tried it now. I tried. There are still opportunities for success. It’s just small. I will not give up any chance that only 1/10000 is possible.

remembers the first stop was www.wozaixiao.com.cn. Every day I stare at the website and feel like my own child. I can’t tell the joy of seeing it. Then I send my address to friends on QQ and MSN, and let them play on my website. Watching the flow of the website rises day by day, I feel a sense of achievement. But I found the website traffic good times don’t last long, suddenly no, then check out the reason. I just know it’s Baidu K. Think of me then. Just funny. Now the view: do not stand so easily, and rely on QQ and MSN above hair is not possible. Depend on many aspects. Website optimization, website promotion, to understand the SEO. A lot of Web site construction problems, whether it is planning, construction or promotion, there are many problems.

now I made progress, not 1 years ago I was, for some improved methods of their own, the first statement of our proposed method may not be comprehensive, but on the other hand also reflects the defects existing in the process of website. I see the opportunities from the Baidu games, learn from Tencent, and surpass them in imitation. A good website is created like this. Everything is done by yourself: website planning, website layout, website art, website program, page code, neat link, website optimization, website promotion, website filing. Wait a series of questions. You can do it yourself. Of course, I can’t write programs, but I’ll change them. New cloud boss also said. As long as you change the program, do not count your infringement. I really found himself is the all rounder. Oh, but also want to thank all my friends praise you, praise to me, I am very grateful to look up, really let my vanity to be satisfied, but I was calm, "

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