enterprise development and expansion, and ultimately user word-of-mouth baptism. Especially those newly started enterprises are developing vigorously, and they hope to gain the advantage of market competition through brand publicity. However, this problem often arises, spent a lot of money, but not the brand you want, advertising, promotional or selling products also, is not very good, it really is a brand of a problem? Actually, I where the founder International Software Co., Ltd., brand needless to say, the "founder" brand. But we are Faye did not like those other founder software products sell business, which is why


my personal view is that the reputation of the product has not been done yet. Simply speaking, it is better to do a good job of making a brand than to do good word of mouth. Really let me think of that sentence, "not every company can be like millet like fun, reputation and brand marketing."". Well, how do we like this company,

?Where is the

brand positioning,


even though the millet phone mentioned earlier, its attributes are limited, it is impossible to ensure that everyone likes it. Therefore, the product must be accurate positioning, find a good user base. Founder Faye founded in the beginning, the market will be locked in those companies engaged in software development and software development in the R & D personnel, some experts is a software development platform. Brand positioning in the IT software industry. Through a lot of online and offline promotion, and gradually established the "leading domestic process management software brand" positioning.

What is the connotation of


?The connotation of

brand is not to let you advertise everywhere, but let everyone know you this brand is how it is, what to do, like said founder, we will not consciously think of computer and securities. And we want to do is just mention the founder Feihong, will think of software development time and save money, will be able to think of the concept of industry alliance. Through the collaboration with many schools, product launches, product images appear on the company’s official website, the company’s official website, micro-blog, and some other pages.

How should the

brand be delivered?

we all know that the official website is to let the outside world understand your important channel, in fact, the official website is also talking about positioning, positioning accuracy is also related to the impact of the brand. Although the official website also has a certain sales function, but we are more willing to do Faye’s website is a window brand display and dissemination. The website founder Feihong will provide a lot of product related updates and download free trial experience for everyone, many more activities and participate in the activities of our products. There are also many professional knowledge materials and our product forum, which brings you a lot of reading and communication.

line activities can be the promotion of brands, but also as an important part of the accumulation of reputation. A lot of offline activity is meant to be able to accumulate this part of the user

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