Beijing time on April 19th news, according to foreign media reports, your website is your "facade"". If you have a physical storefront, you’re sure to worry about how to put it in the window. You should also spend the same amount of time in virtual stores. Websites need to attract customers and make them repeat customers.

opens your web site and pretends to be a new potential client and asks yourself the following questions. It’s best to find people who have never seen your site before, and ask them to answer these questions:

1., where do you look first?

Visitors to

sites usually only last a few seconds. This means that your site must hook them in a few seconds. Make sure that the first thing they see / notice is interesting enough to gain more time for you.

2., you’ll soon find out what this site is for,


you have to communicate your message in a limited amount of time. If there are too many distractions on the site, visitors may not know what you’re selling.


3. important information on the front page,


most visitors want to know the details without too much effort. If they need to scroll down to find the point, it is possible to leave your site early. Please ensure that your unique sales proposition (Unique, Selling, Proposition) is clearly defined. A unique sales proposition is a message in a sentence or in several words that explains why people should buy things from you. Please highlight this information on your website. (Note: above, the, fold, "front page" or "one screen" is part of the web page. You can see it first in the browser window when the page is loaded, without scrolling down the scroll bar.


4. can you easily find out what the benefits of this product / service are?

visitors want to know as much about the benefits of your product or service. The function of the website is important, but the most important thing visitors can take away is a feeling they feel that this product or service will have an impact on their lives and make their life better.

Is there a clear element of action on the

5. site,


if customers like your products and services, it’s important for them to act quickly. There should be a prominent and clear action call element on the site. It can be "buy immediately", which can be "take a free trial" or "see more."". Make sure you don’t use too much action summoning elements to make customers feel overwhelmed. Choose one or two of the most important ones and put them where they are easy to see.

6. color and image beautiful?

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