has been unconscious for four years,

was four years old, 16 years old, now 20 years old. Why do you write this?

is a summary, summed up the bitter experience of the past four years,


started his website at the age of 16, and now it’s growing a little bit. It’s CEO of an Internet company,


‘s change is due to a special change,


what is it,


one, do the hard experience of the webmaster!


let me first tell you about my high school experience. In fact, high school has nothing to do with it, but it has laid a solid foundation for the practice of e-commerce and a wealth of marketing experience.

In fact, the word

business is no stranger to me, when I began to contact one of the electronic commerce and the website is in when I was sixteen years old, at my age, children are still playing online games, of course, I also play the game, but that is the junior high school thing, when the first two days of class. The students taught me to play games, I play every day, playing for two years, when graduate, I found the game is fun, but even leveling to the full level, equipment to the best, the game became king, are not worth a hair in reality. So I don’t play games very much, but occasionally I play. No, I started looking for ways to make money when I was in high school, because my ambition was to be a successful businessman. Because I love the Internet to browse the web, so I will search on the Internet, how to make money online, of course, do Wangzhuan friends certainly understand, search results are very attractive, what to teach you to earn one hundred yuan tuition, earn thousand posts, many sites, are easily deceived, because I was a high school student, not so much money, so they are not fooled, if I had the money, may be taken out.

I continue to look for other methods in Wangzhuan, a website that do a website, and then let people have access, advertising take, I was curious, because I always want to know what kind of website to do it, if there is a WWW.****.COM of this website is the top-level domain name how good ah, is to show off in front of the classmates of the capital ah, I find how to do its own website on the Internet, read a lot, finally spent 70 yuan, I had a week of living ah, buy a domain name, was sent to buy the domain name space, so I just put up a website to start, with the source code to do a website, and now the site navigation, in particular the site how to do it, here omit ten thousand words, a website for a rookie, do The hard work of a website is not one or two sentences, because I don’t know how to promote it, and nobody visits me. I visit it every day. So the first website didn’t make money as I wanted, but after that, I became interested in the website

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