webmaster, this word is specially assigned to the Internet to provide users with information platform. A little more advanced called CEO! Webmaster every day at the computer for eight hours, or even longer, the hard day in and day out for my goal, I have seen a lot of their own understanding of the owners, their QQ every day to night time online, which shows that they still own website struggle, this spirit is every webmaster should have, like some time ago I saw a movie inside of a line, can directly explain stationmaster this industry aphorism: Lawyer material he will not long legs ran to you, for you to find! This is also the same as in the webmaster industry, ranking you will not improve, webmaster promotion optimization!. So today, we write with you about the webmaster experience in the past two years. Write well, do not blame me Oh, because I have always liked to use the simplest statement to write, and strive to most of my friends can understand, read the author’s mind. So today, let’s talk about how to improve the loyalty of members of the forum, I do BBS time more than a year, day IP from zero to the current twenty thousand, is not bad, huh, huh, huh, huh?.

on how to improve their loyalty to members of the forum, said the four aspects, these four aspects are the author personally tested, and it is commonly used, whether friends or some open forum for an entry-level webmaster consulting the author, I have put these one by one to explain to them, most of the consulting friends think I speak good, very patient, ha ha, is not blowing, the webmaster is supposed to be a stick. Patience. Well, here comes the sharing:

ways to improve your loyalty:

through a variety of activities to enhance the loyalty of the forum is a good method, but whether it is open or open for several years the forum often launched some activities, such as T, make the mood of the day to share Q money, earn points, promotion activities to earn RMB let’s open is too busy to attend to all, the forum, we will push the activity to make more of the forum member loyalty, is no longer registered today look, say goodbye, so only one advantage is to increase the number of registered members, actually nothing, because they will only make registration of the registered members the number has increased, not post, do not reply, do not go back often, not up to the standard of loyalty. Therefore, we should engage in activities based on the relative crowd, the relative crowd is the target audience of the forum, such as food forum, we can reward a mall through the activities of food stamps. Webmaster forum, we can use activities to encourage webmaster promotion tools. Such a corresponding prize, coupled with the corresponding crowd, the effect is not 1+1=2 so simple, so that you can agglomerate members, and secondly, you can improve the loyalty of members, but also useless forum webmaster use it.

improve membership loyalty method two: Live >

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