Is one of my hobbies

station, do a simple website a web page or whatever! But I’m not going to do with the website profit tool, because I don’t have too much, I want to use the website to support themselves is not reality!


see too many grassroots webmaster want to use their own stand to profit, hard to optimize AD, spending too much time to earn traffic, but in the end it? How much money you earn? Didn’t earn money, but you take yourself too much time to waste on the website!!! You will see them on the Internet Post said how much money how many knives (they say you believe it? Here I would like to make a question mark?) to see others gain their dollars, also want to make, think they have the ability to do a year?? you will know, is easier said than done???

?Why don’t you go to the

website to expand their communication, to know the friends?? for friends, I pay more attention to their own city people! Don’t do the people will feel like you have a website, you feel very much! Why not use this point to make local friends?? a local friend, you the money that he learn from social experience than you earn from the site will be more really!


I like this, I build the local website, add local QQ group on the website, now my QQ group 4 (the upper limit is 200 people group) were all full, and there are more than 700 people in our city, people from all walks of life of the more than 700 people, in their exchange at the same time and they talk about their business things, I also learned a lot from social experience, I know an advertising company in the QQ group, through him I would start advertising business, business is good! I have to bring a lot of revenue


give me how much income? I sell tea for a month’s income to catch up with my website for one year, or even 2 years of income! Website can be said to lose everything, even the domain name and space does not come back to earn money! It is because I know the local site too many people see their chat I know a lot of things. Because they are society, 4 people are capable of QQ group!! I am only for communication for me!

like fish with web site to make money grass or rarely! Brother, do have some practical!! do you want to live your own website?? why not use will do this little ability to make some local friends? Do the entertainment, you can learn more things! Experience is accumulated out, no accumulation, how to accumulate steadily?

?My local

station, hope to know from the people who! Only for the convenience of a little bit on the Internet!!! Learn a little is enough!


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