1, where will future applets come from?

, this is the second public appearance of the super product manager. Zhang Xiaolong, who was not used to the lights and the attention, was obviously a little nervous looking at the stage. He spoke slowly, paced around the stage, and his blue sweater and jeans were wrinkled.

small program on official news release and the product has been speculation that the true mingled with the false many times. But until today, people didn’t have much more precise information about it.

Snapchat founder Spiegel

and your imagination is not the same as small program

lead: U.S. IT website CNET published today entitled "Snapchat founder Evan · Spiegel said: not lucky boy of 3 billion" Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel: Saying no to $3B, and feeling lucky review article said, as the son of a lawyer and his wife, Spiegel, was born in an influential family but, now, the 23 year old boy because they rejected Mark · Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg to be remembered.

, did not waver in his belief, even daring to bet.

Spiegel goes out >

but WeChat in today’s open class, Zhang Xiaolong almost put these speculations all overthrown, in 10 he briefly answered, you are more likely to understand the "applets" what kind of product:

, as outside speculation, in this year’s WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong finally want to uncover the WeChat applet veil. In the WeChat public class in January 2016, Zhang Xiaolong was "very surprised" to reveal information about the application number, the small program that we know later. After a year, after numerous speculation, Zhang Xiaolong finally announced the official release date of small program: January 9, 2017.

: he’s very confident and even stubborn about his own ideas." Leo School Rofe · Crossroads for Arts and Sciences at the Santa Monica Cross School in Santa Barbara, has been a classmate of Rio Spiegel; Luo Fei said.

Zhang Xiaolong burst into cheers as he walked into the middle of the stage.


WeChat doesn’t specifically develop an entry for small programs. We want users to drive more through two-dimensional code scans. I always think that two-dimensional code is the entrance of mobile internet. Just like a >

just a few months ago, this "post burn" picture and video sharing app has a valuation of only $800 million. The service sends 400 million messages per day, which is very popular among young people. Although they are still on the specific number of users carefully conceal mentioning, but in any case, sober venture capital or the company invested a great deal of attention, and given its huge financial support, eager to develop the next Faceboook. So Spiegel does not have to worry about the company’s future in the short run.

no matter what he did, the 23 year old would always be remembered for refusing Zuckerberg. Whatever the original intention, it really shows great confidence for a young man. But if you’re surprised, it just means you don’t know Spiegel yet.

Zhang Xiaolong and small program team a year ago


, a small program is a "accident", "WeChat rarely put a function or not made product form prior to the outside world, are generally the first to give you a surprise. Although the expression on his face had not changed, Zhang Xiaolong said he was "very excited," "for a long time," he said. "I need to make a response here last year.". "

, like many young people, Evan, ·, Thomas, ·, Spiegel Evan Thomas Spiegel is also obsessed with luxury cars. But unlike many young people, he can afford a luxury car.

childhood, superior

graduated from Stanford University after more than two years, the co-founder of Snapchat have made many people dream of the peak, he founded the business empire received billions of dollars worth of offer. The news that Facebook had spent $3 billion in cash to buy Snapchat, but was rejected.

below is the main content of the article:

in September this year, WeChat released a beta version of the small program, Zhang Xiaolong’s circle of friends to explain the small program as a "no need to download, install", "within reach", "just use, go" light applications. Many people speculated that WeChat super app can take this to become the next App Store, and many more entrepreneurs eager to think ahead of time to seize the new round of flow bonus entrance opportunities finally arrived.

Spiegel, who grew up with According to Zhang Xiaolong

but from Zhang Xiaolong’s next argument, the WeChat small program that made him "full of excitement" was quite different from what many people thought before.


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