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activity date: Qixi Festival August 23, 2012 – September 22nd

public space services are relatively narrow, the current creative space to attract talent, mainly graduated from college students. This part of the population is encouraged to have a certain knowledge base, but they lack connections and funds. The demand of capital for entrepreneurs is always the first. The profit model of innovative enterprises is not clear, and the risk investment is relatively high. Financing is a difficult problem for the boss. Just stepped out of the school gate students, want to get venture capital, that is even more difficult, especially low cost financing is harder than the sky. To be successful entrepreneurs also need to tutor, after all the wealth in the hands of a few elite crowd into strategizing people is also a small amount, they can not solve the problems appear rare contacts. Many creative spaces should be well done and strong, and the talents circle should be more extensive.

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"public entrepreneurship, multi innovation" has become China’s development strategy, since the nationwide set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to borrow the reform and innovation of the "East", 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of land in a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the tide, to form a highly innovative and everyone innovation in the new situation. After a year of universal development, to help entrepreneurs start a business platform – "public space" in the country "blossom everywhere", the rapid development of the creative space can really make innovation popular,

group set off and create Witkey awareness is not high, this is a "Internet plus" era, the public record space to line is imperative. Creative customers mean people who are creative and try to change their creativity into reality. Witkey refers to: through the Internet to their intelligence, knowledge, ability, experience into the actual proceeds of the people. A time from the net wealth of Witkey said: "I do the decoration design, the current full-time online orders, to some extent I also hit off the public record, if the space to the development of online, for us is a popular thing." Open network news, I see very few about the "guest" and "Witkey" these two clearly defined, to some extent, a guest is Witkey, Witkey can also be a guest. In the Internet field, doing pioneering work and using the Internet to start a business has become an inevitable result of social, economic and Technological Development


activities details:

public record space in the rapid development of a second tier city, three or four line city problems emerge in an endless stream, comprehensive and reasonable development time. Public space was supported by policy, "superior", it has been "hot" continued so far. A second tier cities have the hinterland, the market and the resources, and they have unique advantages in the development of public space. The three or four line of the city’s public record space by local governments thinking coerced, no conditions for the actual operation, resulting in the lack of specific strategy, profit model is not clear, resource docking difficult, capital, talents and projects with low degree problems emerge in an endless stream. The public record development space in the three or four line of the city is very distress, the public record space to really popular, comprehensive coverage of time.

activity details:

A5 webmaster net news: during the Olympic Games Admin5 station network admin5/ was combined with the well-known social photo sharing tool bShare to carry out the "sharing information points" activities, users browse the Admin5 Adsense nets page information, click on the page below the bShare button, you can easily share information with sina A5 home to micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent renren, happy net, Douban, Tianya, space and other major social platforms. Sharing the accumulated points can be exchanged for prizes at the bShare calculus Mall This activity receives stationmaster positive response, the effect is good. Many webmasters share the information to get bonus points. To support the webmaster, A5 once again joint bShare launch, "share information, access to Hanting Hotels 200 yuan package" activities.


during the event will be the A5 Adsense nets page information sharing platform to eight specified Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent space, Sohu micro-blog, micro-blog, NetEase, renren happy net, micro-blog skyline of all users, as long as the link users to share content by others one click invalid Click 5 times to share the website, you can get 200 yuan in the package, the country can enjoy.

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