has the full market demand and the capital support, the domestic two dimensional industry still has the very big disparity compared with the foreign country. On the one hand, in the animation and comic industry are mostly small studios and hand painted himself in professional animation alone, lack of talent, training mode is single, start-up technology and copyright for the strict control, this low threshold also caused the entire industry from the two dimension".

customer orders before the arrangements for Hongkong QC over the factory inspection, this is afraid of SOHO, this time I have a brother in Zhuhai to borrow a factory to use, customer QC came, I rented a car BMW she received in the past, the high standard of hospitality, not easy to cheat in the past, she in the factory inspection report did not write what trouble. Because the delivery time is too tight, after repeated negotiations >

products, technology, management, cash ring loopholes; as also defeated piracy, piracy "sick leave to real operation flow; lack of patience and let the capital market too much early entrepreneurs have fled the brakes.

this format, the first problem is the lack of creativity, which also led to the industry follow the trend of serious. For example, because of the high profits of hand travel, many enterprises "swarm" after entering, resulting in serious homogenization of products, while a large amount of waste of resources. The popular "2048" has been pointed out to imitate "T>"

is known as "95% mortality" of the animation industry, has been faced with "scattered", "chaos", "small" status quo, the quantity has come up, but quality has been dragging back.

has 2 years of work experience, I am full of confidence back to Guangdong entrepreneurship. Registered companies in Zhuhai office rent, buy office equipment, please place, opened. The boss found after the vision of the entrepreneur is not so beautiful, and not open orders crashed here, not with the customer information, we can not lose. The supplier will be vital in the entrepreneurial process. Before the company’s business is simply can not touch, because it involves the product design, sample making, payment settlement, these are the needs of dealing with suppliers, before all these things, I explain, the boss will think of a way to do it, and I never contact the supplier. Now they do, suddenly found not play, suppliers are in Zhejiang, and the boss are linked. I have to give up doing product, find another way.

just stepped out of the first step on the pit and paid rent and wages every month, and the money went out. I find here in Guangdong can use resources, think before doing jewelry crafts products, electronic gifts and special printing supplies in Zhuhai, the final choice of electronic gifts as a business breakthrough, because the jewelry and crafts design cycle is long, difficult pricing. Printing supplies complete strangers, investment is relatively large, not small factories. And electronic gift list can be large or small, usually free sample, find suppliers is also convenient.

who worked in this industry, Mr. Zhang told reporters, such small studio, once the boss’s market relationship collapsed or creative exhaustion, the basic team will be scattered, and can not endure 3 years. "At that time, our studio less than 10 people, live, with all the people together, the boss is responsible for the market, no one marketing." One and a half years later, he was chosen to leave because of the pressure from the studio and the overloaded work.

as a dead house that loves to chase people, I often feel a sense of shame because of these precious two dimensional entrepreneurs who haven’t learned how to protect themselves.

? Although

first venture: people floating in the rivers and lakes, where there is no knife


launched in the media, data platform, consulting the two dimension report can add up to now N circle around the earth, the two dimension enterprise how to live is still a problem, a number of animation platform fell one after another hurt two dimensional entrepreneurs nervous.

in twelve culture founder Wang Biao seems, the animation industry is more small studio and painting hand, in their own play. Not too much time to explore business models, personal creators and small and medium enterprises can enter, and this low threshold has become a bottleneck in the development of the industry.

low-end scattered, industrial upgrading imminent,

a week ago, B stood a large number of video content under the frame, which was the basic content of foreign copyright "bloodbath"; a month ago, A because the station does not have the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", movies, TV shows and other content within the platform was completely empty; at the beginning of this year, known as "the conscience of the chase some" pudding platform "comic" announced shut down, which was once considered to be the two dimensional field of most potential entrepreneurs horse.

is unable to exhibit and use the B2B platform due to lack of funds. Using Goolge search and development letters is the only channel for developing customers. After half a year of consumption, the original accumulation of deposits is almost the same, I began to dismiss the Secretary, back office. A lot of electronic gifts to find potential clients on shlf1314, made a massive development letter, send out a lot of samples, but the order still could not come, into the middle of November, foreign trade of the coming season, I have been eating Steamed Buns day. One day, received a letter from the Hongkong inquiry, an American drug company to do the promotion before Christmas and holiday, need to order 100 thousand phone plug, the order amount is 30W, but the design of unique style, delivery time is urgent, must be delivered at the end of December. I communicate with customers and understand the needs of our customers. My clients and I said he would design to mold making, is unlikely to be completed on time, I recommend several existing styles to him, and send the samples, explain the advantages of each style, also can achieve the purpose of marketing. Eventually, the customer chose an apple and prepared to place an order.

grew up in the golden age of the rise of human resources industry, the present and future of the two dimensional entrepreneurship is still not clear.

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