expert Island founder Shen Yifeng think, and in some enterprises encounter difficulties to help them, as in the beginning of the creation of enterprises to help them achieve a complete and conform to the standard registration scheme, and as a starting point, to provide follow-up service in the extension of financial agents, enterprise change, qualification application, enterprise trademark and patent application etc. hand.

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is the early entrepreneurs, more needs to build a good foundation, expert island more willing to put value-added services revenue >

Since the establishment of

company registered 4.8 yuan, no hidden fees, any bundled consumption, to ensure that every entrepreneur hand is a copy of business license three in one, the official seal, financial and legal chapter, even engraved chapter is included in the cost of 4.8 yuan.


Internet is a huge market, the Internet business threshold is relatively low, but from zero to one from scratch, to a company had established, and allow the company to survive and develop, it is not easy to do what.

, expert island has had more than 100 thousand user experience, adhering to the "business is" business philosophy, to create efficient entrepreneurial career for the majority of users, to achieve the great cause of the dream.

is also because the main profit point is not in the company registration, so are more willing to put value-added services expert Island benefits for most to the user, so that entrepreneurs can save time, more money, and more willing to have long-term cooperation with the expert Island, forming a virtuous circle of an industry.

did not expect, only 4.8 yuan of registration fees, including such a big mystery.

depending on the network client download CPA ad online, 1.5 yuan / success.

therefore, the product at the import level is not a profitable way for cattle island. After that, a series of additional services are offered.

but 4.8 yuan, with a meal are not enough, how profitable? Many customers are not clear, the company registered expert Island only products, based on company registration, the same enterprise financial expert Island agent services, 98 yuan / month; so many entrepreneurs are accustomed to the tedious the financial matters entrusted to the expert Island sole agent, not only because the expert Island rich industry experience, but because the island expert from all over the country have registered accountants, financial planners, tax accountants, appraisers, auditors and other more than 100 people’s excellent service team.

island as a butler, strict with oneself excellence of service for enterprises.

Shanghai cattle Island niurendao focused on corporate registration, financial agents, trademark registration, enterprise change and many other enterprise services. As a butler, for the enterprise service excellence strict with oneself.

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