this station, from construction to optimization, with more than a month of my time, it can be said that in accordance with the plan is absolutely meticulous execution. But there are number of traffic, the shadow is not money, which can be said to be a problem of execution? So I think not only to engage in Wangzhuan execution, more important is to grasp the right direction. If the direction is wrong, even if the effort ultimately only to fail, it would really be not hit the south wall does not look back, was laughable.

do respect for intellectual property rights of civilization station, reprint must note source: wing68/

      InSenz community marketing alliance, the first round of mobile advertising costs have been sent to all stations of the union.

in these two points, I think the choice of the product is the most serious mistake. Because this kind of products in sh419 do bidding promotion, there are four, if not profitable, no one will spend so much money advertising. But all of these companies have their own products and sell at a premium, so even if only a few deals are made each day, the profits are enormous. The most important thing is that every penny of the customer will go straight into their pockets, and there will be no loss. With the guidance of online customer service, the transaction rate is even higher. In order to make my station profitable as soon as possible, the best way is to re select goods.

in helping the owners to make money, InSenz once launched on the good performance. Zhang Wei said: "after adding to the InSenz system, I found a surprise in the use process, put the cost comparison from the advertising point of view, shlf1314 Adsense is even higher than that, not on the sh419 theme promotion and Yahoo directional promotion." NOKIA mobile phone forum webmaster Wu Peng also has deep feeling, "NOKIA mobile phone forum has successfully launched 4 InSenz marketing activities, and achieved very good results, I will help the InSenz Forum’s popularity into real money."

since mid May, Comsenz integration of more than 40 million Discuz! Adsense launched InSenz community marketing alliance, for InSenz’s various experiences and comments will be heard. The success of the first round throw mobile phone communications Fetion, such as Samsung and MOTO advertisers, it is triggered a great concern of the majority of owners and the media.

believe do Wangzhuan friends all know such a word: execution. A lot of master and introduce the experience in Master Wangzhuan or project always special mention: if you want to make money, must have enough execution. I absolutely agree with that, but I think there is something more important than execution. That is the right direction.

accepted as mobile phone advertising to try Zhang Wei said, InSenz is the biggest feature of the innovation community launched the "invisible" advertising theme stickers advertising, this form of advertising will not affect the use of members of the forum experience, at the same time advertising content and forum type has a certain matching degree, is a supplement to the additional the contents of the forum, so easy to accept by the webmaster.

it is understood that, InSenz community marketing alliance in May 10th began to introduce mobile advertising, there are about 200 mobile forums successfully accepted the launch activities, they will receive different amounts of advertising revenue. Relevant responsible person said that the first round of mobile phone advertising advertising costs have been involved in the success of the settlement is completed, the owners can now have your login InSenz platform, tax free of charge.

a month ago, I built a small station, specializing in Taobao customers, and now, all the key words of this station have been stabilized in the top three of sh419, and every day there are more than 60 directional IP. If such a good flow of income should be good, but the actual situation is that the station didn’t earn me. See other people do similar sites have got money, I am confused, and then made a detailed analysis.

through analysis, I found that there are two major weaknesses in this station. First of all, the main keywords do not have enough profit value, although the index of this word is very high, it brings pure directional traffic, but the Internet users who come over are not those customers who have strong desire to buy. Secondly I choose products also have problems, by browsing the promotion of the shop, I found that the volume of these products are meager, Internet users to purchase page will carefully view the evaluation and transactions, if there is no high trading volume is very difficult to let the visitors come out of pocket. In addition, when communicating with some webmaster, we also complain about the phenomenon of Taobao customers losing bills. And some bad owner in order to gain more benefits will deliberately guide users to bypass Taobao customers directly generate orders, this will lead to a lot of webmasters pay but all in vain.

InSenz launched the theme stickers advertising can make the site without sacrificing the user experience of the community at the same time, there is still a steady source of income and long-term business, so we will always use the InSenz community marketing alliance." "The first to experience the InSenz system," says Zhang Weiru, owner of symbian.

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