real contact with the Shanghai dragon has half the time, on the view of Shanghai Longfeng rookie. In Shanghai dragon field, read about the related knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a generalization, Shanghai dragon in China Xing in 2006, at the time of the standard search engine to Shanghai dragon did not ask too much, as long as a website making up keyword to be able to have a good ranking, with the the development of fast search. Now and then in the past can not satisfy the needs of the search engine, but one thing is for sure, the basic ideas and methods of Shanghai dragon did not change essentially. read more


, a friend threw me a question on the big bow:

on an entry, you know.

then I gradually found that the Internet industry is not only extremely preference uncertainty, and even can be said to be born to a degree of uncertainty, like most of the gaming industry, or like the words very Ma Yun personally selected for the Alibaba listed: "still have a dream, if achieved it?" I don’t know. How many gamblers while talking about this sentence, he lost all his savings, but I do know that many young people were only for 1/10000 successful, go on the road of entrepreneurship. They’re betting on a clear uncertainty about the certainty of fate, what if, read more