This year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the rural "two" construction as the carrier, in-depth implementation of rural housing reconstruction, reward, immigration down housing projects in rural areas to improve the housing conditions and living environment at the same time, with a real popular project to improve the rural people’s happiness index. Qing Lin Xiang Lin Zhang Cun tree is one of the typical remote poverty-stricken village in Datong county. Due to the high altitude of living in the mountains, the students go to school far away, the production and living conditions of the masses behind the village 70% of the housing has been formed. In order to change the backward living conditions, from the beginning of November last year, the township party committee and government to the forest tree palm village relocation work as a top priority, and the relevant departments of civil affairs, the integration of housing, poverty alleviation, implementation of the overall relocation project construction funds 4 million 85 thousand yuan for the village of 35 people. In the flat Hering River, their relocation of farmers built 6 spacious and bright brick cottage. Eligible households in the support of supporting funds, but also built a two storey building. At present, the new village of the village of palm trees not only to achieve the water, electricity, roads, information through the dream, but also became the province’s first solar heating village. In the "two rooms" in the construction of Datong County, adhere to government guidance, graded responsibility, social support, self, county housing security and construction sector through government funded in part, personal financing financing part of the rural reconstruction households subsidies from 22 thousand yuan in 2013 increased to 25 thousand yuan this year. Rural housing subsidies reward households from 19 thousand and 200 yuan in 2013 increased to 22 thousand yuan this year, fundamentally solve the housing difficulties of the masses in rural areas the problem of shortage of funds, effectively boosting the process of the construction of new countryside.   read more

Recently, in the community health association Chinese third “my side of the community health service” campaign theme for upload to the good news, the city district Nanchuan Road community health service center was awarded the “community health service satisfaction of the masses” honorary title, as in our province this year, only one award of the community the medical service institutions. This is the second in 2013 by the state as a national demonstration community health service center after another honor. It is understood that Nanchuan Road community health service center is Nanchuan road only one set of basic medical care, health education and chronic disease prevention and health services for the aged “six in one” function of the new city community health service institutions. In recent years, in order to promote the equalization of public health service, the community health service center, and strive to create a quarter of community health service circle, realize residents walk 15 minutes to reach the community health service institutions, the residents of the area the people enjoy the convenience, economy, low cost of community health service. The center consists of 2 community health service stations, 6 new models of community health service team in 4 communities within the jurisdiction of the implementation of management, family responsibility of doctors contracted services, each community health service team composed of two general practitioners, a public health physician and a nurse, to provide 24 hours of seamless the public health service for community residents, the center opened a Chinese medicine specialty, the construction of the Museum of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine into the community health service work. To carry out acupuncture, massage, branch of Chinese medicine, specializes in the treatment of facial paralysis, stroke, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, etc.. In order to meet the needs of community health services, the center is equipped with conventional equipment, such as ambulances, electric cars and home visits. At the same time, the community health service center has established a set of community pension, medical care, rehabilitation as one of the new type of health care community pension service center, elderly care and rehabilitation center, not only can solve the problem of the elderly to eat, live, and music, as well as professional health services (Community Health Service Center) to do the security of the rehabilitation center for the elderly can stay at home to enjoy treatment of medical personnel timely, professional and comprehensive. At the same time in order to deal with emergency, emergency rescue and emergency access to the green channel, the nearest to the city’s major hospitals. read more

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, since this year the province continued to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, as of now, 32 thousand and 500 people have been "one-stop" medical assistance to help.

it is reported that this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, in June launched a comprehensive medical assistance one-stop service. Currently, the province has 198 medical institutions to implement medical assistance instant settlement services. At the end of October, the province’s hospital rescue immediate settlement of 32 thousand and 500 people, Medicaid spending 28 million 350 thousand yuan of funds per capita hospitalization assistance levels reached 872 yuan. In the provincial Civil Affairs Department to push and support across the province, our province has realized the medical assistance one-stop service coverage, reduce the difficulties of the masses medical assistance cycle, solve the difficulties of the masses due to advance medical expenses difficult not timely hospital treatment, and achieved obvious social the capacity of social assistance benefits, and standardize the management level overall. read more

Advanced automatic production line. Finished goods storage.

strict quality and safety clearance.

in recent years, our province throughout the implementation of the agricultural industrialization, actively encourage leading enterprises and farmers to carry out joint and cooperation in various forms, in a stable supply and guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials at the same time, effectively promote the enthusiasm of farmers to grow crops and increase farmers income. For several scenes reporters in the leading enterprises of the provincial agricultural industry of Ledu Hengyuan feed Limited company captured. read more

In June 18th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of civil affairs in June 13th, the Provincial Department of Finance issued self employment of retired soldiers in 2014 to coordinate a one-time financial subsidy 54 million 790 thousand yuan, the full implementation of self employment of demobilized soldiers in our province one-time economy allowance policy.

this year is the 49 anniversary of Mao Zedong’s “learning from Comrade Lei Feng”. To vigorously promote Lei Feng to serve the people, dedication to helping others, promoting Lei Feng’s enterprising, unremitting self-improvement spirit of innovation, promoting Lei Feng’s hard work, thrift and entrepreneurial spirit, in March 5th, twenty in town organization area Party members, youth volunteers and cadres more than 300 people, carried out in order to promote the spirit of Lei Feng, civilized behavior participate in volunteer service, “as the theme of the series of activities.
A is to create a good learning atmosphere propaganda. Through seminars, poster, banners, distributing promotional materials and other forms, publicize the spirit of Lei Feng, to achieve three combination, to learn the spirit of Lei Feng and the socialist core values, and expand the volunteer service, and create a civilized city together, let the masses all know Lei Feng, Lei Feng, Lei Feng when everyone everyone, at present and seminars were held 3 times, 5 blocks, the office blackboard newspaper banners 20, more than 400 copies of promotional materials, to create a good atmosphere for publicity. Two is to actively carry out voluntary service activities. Qinghai University, Xining twenty-five middle school students to mobilize volunteers, in-depth Biological Park community elderly day care center to carry out cleaning and scrubbing the glass and other compulsory labor, and old people sang “mother”, “Ode to the motherland” and other songs, by the old man’s praise, to express gratitude to the old people of the collective chorus “Lei Feng good” example, the activities to a climax. Three is to carry out clean home round action. The area of each unit, mobilize the hospital building to carry out environmental health clean-up activities, total rubbish dead more than 100, more than 20 white trash bags, chaotic posted more than 500, 5 tons of garbage removal. Four is to hold a symposium. With the celebration of the “3.8” women’s day, village, community organizations, women cadres town cadres held to celebrate the 38, dedication and harmony “as the theme of the forum, the participants focus on learning the spirit of Lei Feng, carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, based on the post do speak freely expressed will learn, Lei Feng does a line of love for the party, fine line of dedication, efforts to do a good job, to make new contributions to promote the harmonious development of region. read more

a lot of entrepreneurs understand business silver shop profit space is very large, therefore, on the market a lot of entrepreneurs choose to operate silver shop, business location is an important step of entrepreneurs should consider, how should the silver investment location?

in the site before, we must first determine the customer base is selected according to the different market positioning, and different location.

but is not the time to choose the shop, find the crowd busy place is good? This is not so. In the shop before you want to study, not the number of people per day, but in these people, your potential customers, or how effective traffic. For example, some people living in large supermarket traffic, but most of them are queuing up to buy food to buy supplies for the elderly, which is invalid traffic. read more